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Every coin has two sides and so does every story. We at AtithiAdvisor are excited to provide a platform to share this other side of the story. AtithiAdvisor is One of its kind of a platform where your Host (Hotel – Homestays and others) can review the Atithi (Guest) based on the experience, behaviour and adherence to Host policies. We make it so exciting and rewarding for both Host and Atithi that it works in harmony and eventually a win-win situation for both of them. We are here to challenge the status quo when stay at Hotels or resorts have become so monotonous and boring which lacks sheer transparencies as the right discounts and rewards are never passed to the Atithi. We are connecting the end user to the host in the most meaningful and fulfilling way by making both ends meet.

Guests: As an Atithi you can explore the world of Best Host (Facilities providers) and connect with them directly to get customised and selective offers, discounts on your stay.

Hosts: As a Host, know your client in advance where you get all the information beforehand about the guest which will enable you to get an edge against your competitors. Know what to expect and then prepare for the same.

Why Choose AtithiAdvisor. If you are a host?

  • Be part of the largest growing hosts community
  • Get insights and smart analytics about your guests
  • Get more direct leads and more reviews
  • Be a part of this change. Get your own voice
Atithi Advisor

We Empower you - We want your voice to be heard loud and clear when it comes to reviews and rating. “Hosts now an opportunity to share and read feedback on their guests (Atithi) on pre-set parameters and guests (Atithi ) gain benefits from higher ratings.”

We make change happen – Get a safety net and a provision to provide your side of the story. Your review and explanation. We are committed to ensure that the ratings submitted by other hosts are genuine and offer useful insights to the community

Know your guests – We equip you with more information to know your guest. We help you to turn your guests to loyal guests by providing customised services.

We’re 100% independent – We work side by side with hosts and guests for truth, transparency and fairness of the data

Facility Provider, now, does not only have a platform to share their experiences about their Atithi Advisor but here they can also view ratings of the guest shared by other facility providers registered on the platform. A unique search option allows registered facility provider to simply input few details of the expected guest and retrieve their ratings submitted by other facility providers his truly helps the facility provider to “Know my Atithi” before check-in. Getting these insights will help the Facility Provider to “know the Guest” beforehand and this preparedness will assist in better service to them…hence building a loyal customer base.

We’re 100% independent...

We’re not influenced by Facility Owners or customers

we don't accept freebies from anyone

We are focusing on specific areas to pursue positive change in travel industry

We are encouraging the other perspective to be seen

We are making change happen.

Why Choose Atithiadvisor, if you are a Guest ?

“Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “Guest is God” is also the tag line of campaign in India to treat tourists as God and to develop a sense of responsibility towards our guests.

  • Manage your online reputation.
  • Be part of the largest growing hosts community.
  • Enjoy great Incentives and direct benefits.
  • Easy Sign up.
Atithi Advisor

Super Atithi – By registering stand a chance to be a Super Atithi

Build your credibility. Find your average rating. Know what the hosts have to say for you.

Customised service - By signing up you get an absolute customised services from our hosts. Get choice and benefits as per your choice. No need to inform the specifics anymore as the hosts would be already aware.

Direct discounts – On this platform there are no hidden costs and so no middle-man. Get direct discounts from the hosts as we believe in complete transparencies. Atithi can get incredible pre-check in offers and customized services on arrival.

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